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Janurary 9th 2000 : Sonic Underground #3 @ The Kellar

Naomi and Chris with Mike (and the Furby)

Yay -- recordings online of this gig!

Also see one of our Fan Sites for some really neat pictures of this gig.

Why not stream the whole gig?

  • [Stream] [mp3] MFL
  • [Stream] [mp3] Cell 17 (Live Noise Mix)
  • [Stream] [mp3] Tall Tales
  • [Stream] [mp3] Song for Hugo
  • [Stream] [mp3] BDSM Clanger
  • [Stream] [mp3] Hightech Laboratory Equipment

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  • Naomi whips the BDSM clanger.

    The band. Chris (in hat) with Gadgets, Naomi and Mike with rayguns. (track is 'hitech laboratory equipment')

    MC Furbish, the modified furby - always popular with the ladies.