What? We thought it would be cute to get some people to remix 6 foot underground. As you may have noticed, we can't play for shit. It would be nice to know what it would sound like if a musician got at it.

eh? So download some of the songs and remix them dammit. You'll need the mp3's page but as an extra bonus we've put a good chunnk of our sample archive online at this site.

When you've finished, mp3ify the results and post them to a URL and mail us the address. If you can't put it on the web, mail us the mp3 as an attachment. Our address is

By submitting the remix you give us permission to do what the hell we like with it. Although you can retain ownership if you like.

The best (and worst?) will be posted on the site.

Feel free to email for more information.

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Below are remixs already submitted, can you do better?