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Shortwave Radio
Kids casio keyboard
Kids unbranded keyboard
Radio Shack "Traffic City"
Radio Shack "Animal Fun" keyboard
Modified Furby
Snonkey (Not quite a snake, not quite a donkey)
Lab Bunny
White Noise Generator
Sony Minidisk Player
Yamaha DD9 kids drum pads
Tape recorder
Ham (Fully Licenced)
Square Wave Generater
Sono-Occular Stimulator
Tomy Amazing Voice Changer (modified)
Unbranded Walkman (Circuits 'bent')
Big and noisy toy gun
Several Toy Guitars
AKAI 'Riff-o-matic'
Zoom "bottom of the range" FX thingy
Lots of really long cables
Toy Ray Guns
Cheap Compressor
AKAI S20 Sampler
Existenz-look theramin
Another Zoom effects thingy
Quite nice AKAI brand phaser
Remote Control Car
Electribe ER1
Some kind of Distortion Pedel
Pickachu Organ
Rubber Ducks
and stuff