Sonic Underground 5    Sunday 16th Feb 2003

An entire day of free music for you lucky people. Including EBM, electronic, experimental and goth. 6 bands, roughly one an hour. There is bound to be some horrible disaster so come and see. Maybe something will explode*. That would be pretty cool.

If like 99% of the rest of the world you have no clue what "EBM" means, it means "Electronic Body Music". Still no clue? well imagine if a hard 4/4 dance track got out of bed in a really bad mood and wanted to make other people suffer. OK?

* don't worry, I'm probably joking about the explosions.

Venue: The Talking Heads, Southampton
Date: Sunday Feb 16th 2003
Time: 3pm-closing
Cost: FREE!
Lineup: Eva Concept, Faetal, Six foot Underground, Malpractice, Tracer, Razorblade Kisses +: DJ CauZe (Industry 101 resident) Contact:

Associated Bands Contact Info.

Members of Temple ov thee Lemur and other bands involved with Sonic Underground.

six foot underground
rumbly clanky noise
spooky goths
extreme disco noise
control freak
dance & industrial flamenco
tranquility bass
korgy dance
menacing dance
faster than thou. you will dance.
fear the LFO
worst case scenario
comedy dance-metal
i'll try and think of one... soon.
h.l.i. (hubris laziness impatience)
Cheesey Gabba
dancey goth
modern synthoelectronica with a penchant for the eighties
R.I.P. but lives on as anera & swompfluid
eva concept
EBM and synthpop with suspicious 80's leanings

Sonic underground was started by Luke Oram, but is now run by Temple ov thee Lemur. Queries should go to

Sonic Underground is a non-profit making (loss making, actually) project aimed at making neat stuff happen in Southampton.

Temple ov thee Lemur ( is a non-profit making (loss making, actually) project aimed at making neat stuff happen on the Internet.

Sonic Underground 4    7th May 2000

A great night, "amusing" disasters included, but were not limited to, a thunderstorm begining as we were taking kit to the venue (luckily it cleared up by 6), hell (in the form of DJ satan himself), high water (in the form of flooding), nasty problems with mixing desks, unusually bad hangovers and a missing act.

Despite this, the place was packed. Malpractice showed signs of selling out - their new, popularist, sound caused less than a dozen people to leave.

I found some Photos of the gig but there was a cheap flash so they all look a bit naff. In real life we look much cooler.

Venue: Beir Keller, Southampton
Date: Sunday May 7th 2000
Time: 7pm
Cost: FREE!
Final Lineup: Six foot Underground, Malpractice, Worst Case Scenario, Father, DJ. Evil One aka Satan Himself aka Neil.

Sonic Underground 3   9th Janruary 2000

Sonic Underground 3 was a success despite the whims of fate, incorrect cables lacerated hands and horrific car crashes.

Some pictures of Malpractice and Six Foot Underground are now available as is the recording of Six Foot Underground as mp3 audio.